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Unique gamemode

Our SAMP script has everything to provide you with the best Roleplay experience.
You can customize your character just the way you want it with a bunch of options.
The jobs we offer are very unique, as well as everything else on the server.
Of course, you have to see it for yourself, because if you're a regular player and you know RP, then this is the right place for you.


Everyone is familiar with the phenomenon of hostile and unfair administration on servers that kills all desire to play. In our case, everything is different: Administrators communicate with the community on a daily basis, identify the positive and negative aspects of the server, and provide feedback to the developers. During the game, they qualitatively handle all situations and maintain order.

Voice chat

Our project has a fully implemented voice chat.
With its help, all major human interactions take place within the game.
Now everyone has the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the real atmosphere of SAMP Roleplay!

How to start the game?

Venezuela Roleplay is next-level SA-MP Roleplay. Play as a gang member or a police officer, civilian or paramedic, mafia or FBI employee. Feel the atmosphere of an incredible Roleplay world with all the charms of SAMP!


Download the launcher

Download our launcher that contains various modifications and features to enhance your game.

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Register an account

Register your account on the launcher by clicking the "REGISTRATION" button. Your name must not be offensive and must comply with the server rules.

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Connect and play

Once you have successfully registered your account, you can connect to our server by clicking the "PLAY" button.

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